We get asked these questions a lot.

Who are Judith & Joe? How did you come up with the name?
Wouldn't you like to know.

What are your hours?
Tuesday through Saturday 11am until 7pm. Watch our Instagram for extended or shortened hours.

What do you mean "everything gives back?" 
Our number one goal is to minimize the negative impact on others through our love of great products and style. We care deeply about where your new shirt, ring, wallet or dress comes from. We partner with designers and brands that are either utilizing fair practices, sustainable materials, making their garments in the USA, helping others, are local or are giving back in some way. It's a little peace of mind.

Your store in Denver is in a community called Backyard On Blake. What is that?
SO GLAD YOU ASKED. Backyard on Blake is great. It's a miracle that we get to run our shop next to some of Denver's raddest companies and people. Backyard on Blake is a little oasis in RiNo. Coffee, fitness, homegoods, food, music, offices, clothing and on and on are available there along with our shop. You can find it between 31st and 30th on Blake. 

What is the parking situation at your store?
We have a parking lot. If that's full, there's also street parking. Wanna walk? We're a few blocks from the lightrail.

Do you carry men's clothes?
Yes, Joe, we do.

Do you carry women's clothes?
Yes, Judith, we do.

Why do you carry vinyl? Where do you get your records? Who is the record buyer for your store?
We always have 100+ of the best albums of all time in stock. They are all used, are often rare, and are checked for condition. We know that music brings people together and is the beating heart of Denver. It's our honor to add to your record collection. We very carefully curate our selection so that every album you buy is a gooooooooood one. We get our records from private collections, estates, conventions and more. We've even had some of Denver's best DJs offload their collection on us. We buy all the vinyl ourselves but are not currently set up to buy yours in our store, so please don't bring them in. However, if you have a large collection you'd like us to dig through, shoot us an email with as much detail as you have. 

Who made your logo?
Vanessa. She's GREAT.

Who made your beautiful store fixtures?
Ben, Rob, Mason and the rest of the gang. They're GREAT.

Who took the photos of the shop?
Kim. She's GREAT.

I have a brand you should know about that fits your mission.
Please email us!

What is your return policy?
You have 30 days! Keep the tags on. Vinyl records and La Lovely Vintage items are non returnable no matter what.